Batman Returns a few snores

Who would of thought a penguin named Oswald Cobblepot would be such a great role for Danny Devito? He really holds this Batman movie together, that and Cat woman. the cast in this Batman sequel to the first live action movie without POW! BANG! YAZZZAAAA!!!! is really good. everyone from Walken, Keaton, Pfeiffer, etc.

I think bringing Tim Burton back to direct another new Batman movie would be a great choice in todays age of CGI overuse. Not saying Tim Burton didn't use a little here and there in his Batman directing days. it's just he knows how to tell a better story without so much CGI and it's clear as we watch penguin struggle to become a normal good looking human in a materialist society.

The film does falter at times and it's towards the end and that's where I fell asleep. it's a shame the new entry of Batman doesn't rely more on story and the penguin. I guess Batman V Superman was what it was.

1.5 Snores out of 5. this was a really fun time with some really real feeling action that today's movies just can't compete with anymore.