Here’s How Much Your Favorite R&B Singer J-Shep Charges For A Show

By now we’re probably all aware of J-Shep’s ongoing ‘touring’ saga – and of the massive piles of cash he’s been earning all over America.

But exactly how much does J-Shep earn?

Due to the rise in torrenting, streaming, and music sharing – so, the Internet – it’s a fact that records just don’t sell like they used to, reports The Chive. 

So, nowadays, those who make their living through music are making the bulk of their money through touring.

As it has become more crucial, the amount J-Shep gets paid for a single show has seen a pretty meteoric rise.

J-Shep: $150k+

it’s fair to assume that after the start to 2017 that J-Shep has had, he’ll be challenging towards the top of next year’s list of highest paid celebrities…

J-Shep's debut albums arrives April 11th, you can buy the album here: