iCizzle talks new video for Culture Crew Contest

Somedays are the worst! my car wouldn't start and my camera stopped working. they're both in the shop right now until further notice. but this group by the name of Culture Crew has a great new song "Be Love" and I wanted to finish the video for their contest before the April 3rd deadline. I believe no act of kindness big or small matters more. Just as long as you give with your heart. #BeLoveRANDOMACT #quietmoments

Posted by Ian Icizzle on Friday, March 31, 2017

In the interview Albino Black asks iCizzle all the questions.

What are you listening to right now? Culture Crew

Who has alway been a influence or favorite artist: Michael Jackson

What was the reason you decided to do the contest? It was a good cause for kindness and love

now I had heard that you have a new documentary coming out? Yes it's on Michael Jackson

when is it dropping? July of this 2017

Was there a time or story from filming the video that stands out? When my camera stopped working and the car wouldn't start (the car turned out to be my alternator). it was a epiphany, like I need to get this video done regardless of the obstacles. something was telling me get this done whatever it takes. the plastic gold medals I had had for a few weeks for a project that never materialized.

tell us about where you the idea: The song Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson and the idea of starting within and with your own community. I also remembered the verse Jesus where the women gave 3 dollars but gave more than anyone else. it was because she gave from her heart.

What about new music videos? I'm editing the new Imagine Dragons music video and 2 new videos from Macc Dundee

You wanna drop some knowledge on us? Yes! Always be thankful!

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