My Thoughts by J-Shep is Masterful!

It's been a long 5 years for J-Shep as he's created a masterful masterpiece. 14 songs of well thought out music. you know what I like about this album? it respects my time as a listener. most music today is so run of the mill and albums are what they are. the album boosts features from a bay bay's Hurricane Chris, J Scott, Clemm Rishad, A-Train Gang, Pyro and his brother Macc Dundee. Dundee jumps on 5 of the 14 tracks.  I'm jut glad all the thoughts and songs are fun and sad at the same time.

Standout tracks: Get with me which is rumored to be written about Kelis in a meeting they had at Sxsw. Hold me close another rumored song about hunger games and movie star Jennifer Lawrence. Like Me features Hurricane Chris and Macc Dundee and has a soul train line feeling to it.

0 Snores out of 5. It's about time the artist respected the listener and buyers ears in today's under produced over saturated scene known as music.

Source: My Thoughts by J-Shep on iTunes