John Wick: Chapter 2 ‘Good To See You Again’ Keanu Reeves


I arrived at the theater and had a choice to made fifty shades darker or john wick chapter 2? hmmm the red pill or blue blue? John Wick 2 please... "Good choice" said the movie theater guy who sold the ticket.  it's been a few weeks since JW2 has come out and so the theater in Las Vegas has 4 other people in it.

From the opening shot of Silent film era stunt legend Buster Kenton playing on a wall in the city we know it's gonna be a good ride. the theater volume was at 11 and not a snore in the theater was to be had. now I had drank 3 bottles of water earlier in the day so this is the only reason I got up to use the restroom in a running fast to use the bathroom sort of way. ok whew, it only took 30 seconds. about half way into this movie my hands were clammy. thank you JW2 for respecting my time and money at the movies.

0 Snores out of 5 snores. Perfecto and thank you Keau Reeves for keeping your standards up!