Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne – No Frauds is cool

we reported a few weeks back that Nicki Minaj would be making a music video for "No Fruads" ft. Drake and Lil Wayne. The song and origin meaning dates back a few months with the Remy Ma female rap artist off! The results are this: Nicki Monetized her song and music video and Remy did not. Now after the smoked cleared months ago after Remy Ma's attempts to dethrone the queen of rap Nicki Minaj.  It's funny anytime I've asked people about who Remy Ma is or who Nicki Is it always ends the same... "Who's Remy Ma?" but they know right away who Nicki is. really it's a good thing to see Lil Wayne again doing his Lil Wayne thing.

0 snores out of 5. It's embarrassing to see someone with no fame try to go at someone with worldwide fame. Cause I don't need no frauds.