Point Break (2015) is this a spoof movie?


I found myself asking is this a spoof movie? with such a classic movie already made and now you try and remake it? that's a hard one.

The first scene of our hero and friend plays out really nice although I wonder if the fall really did do what it did.

the first 30 minutes or so I would add more plot details and why he was on his mission. tantric sex seems like more fun than the plot being explained to me by the actors. so our hero must go undercover and hold his breath for 5 minutes all while swimming in a perfectly lit ocean at 2 am in the morning. hmmm, this would be better if it was Macgyver or oh yes Magic Mike 3 ohhhhh or Fight Club 2!  come on out Brad Pitt! I made it to the wombat scene and than had to leave for some thai food. oh well, put it on cable and add commercials that should fix any problems with the plot.

1.5  snores out of 5. I didn't snore because I kept trying to find ways to add more fun into this self serious movie.