Formerly known as AP (Aumoe Productions); the story of AM starts with two brothers by the name of Aumoe (Adam) and Moppoe (Alex). The two brothers grew up just on the outskirts of Seattle. Raised by a single mother, they didn't have much growing up except family and music. Their family became their strength and support while the music of AM became their passion and their way to preach to the people. With influences ranging from Aaliyah to Ace Hood, AM brings you music you can feel with a reminiscent R&B/Hip Hop vibe you miss with singles like "Rep4TheTown" (off the Perfect Timing PT. I mixtape) and now "Addiction" which will be available on Perfect Timing PT. II dropping Summer 2014. As long as music is there, these boys will continue to progress and drop more hits so STAY TUNED! This is only the beginning of their careers; the first chapter of their dreams. It's Perfect Timing. AM - Aumoe&Moppoe