Bazil Muzik

HipHop Gladiator

youtube_profileBAZILMUZIK is not just another rapper, he is an artist in the deepest sense of the word. Hailing all the way from the unappealing gloom of Bremerton, Washington, BAZILMUZIK has quickly gained the hearts and ears of listeners in both the west coast and down south by opting for a more positive and activist oriented brand of music by carefully circumventing the limiting stereotypes of rap music. By combining cutting honesty, lyrical wit and technical innovation, BAZILMUZIK has crafted a sound that he can truly call his own. His lyrical endeavors are not without the help of some of the most talented producers in the underground scene, such as T. Baker, Big Bam Entertainment, West Coast Stone, Aaron Big Boy Roberts, Julian Jay Waxx Garfield, Lamar Chronic Mitchell, Dj K-Phi and the late Tony Parrissi III. In addition to their work together, BAZILMUZIK has meshed his sounds with the likes of Tony Baker of Audio Swag Music Group and Dorian “Young Dizz” Stevens . From his work with such talented and diverse producers, BAZILMUZIK has created a signature of unpredictable and complex song structures draped with densely layered combinations of psychoacoustics that distinguish his tone and sound. BAZILMUZIK’s collaborations are not limited only to the powerhouses of the beat scene, however, but also some of underground rap’s most revered wordsmiths such as Cash da Hustle, Bloc Blue da General, and Ramith (Wu Tang Yellow Jackets). BAZILMUZIK’s new release HUSTLE GRIND MASH GET IT will be available for purchase on iTunes soon with the stand out single ‘PEEP GAME’. For more information follow on Twitter @BAZILMUZIK302223_304230216269383_73515037_n