C-Barsh is "Mouth Music"

CBarsh3Mouth Music Vol.1 "No Pen No Pad" is exactly that, Mouth Music. I don't use any instruments, synthesizers and anything that would change my voice from its original sound. I have a broad range of musical influence so I go with what i'm feeling at the present moment, It is freestyle, everyday living music . Every single track is inspired but someone or something that I've personally experienced or imagined. Maybe you can Relate?

All the music is Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Edited by Caleb Barsh.

Born on November 12th of 1987, and 1 of 7 boys Caleb Barsh grew up in Tacoma WA. He’s Mouth-music-2always had a passion to sing and create music, whether it was just around the house, school or in church. As he grew up he began to sing more at his Father’s church in Tacoma and that was most influential.  Gospel may have had the strongest impact. “I just love the feeling that Gospel music brings, it connects with the heart and emotion in music to move and inspire people for greater things”

As a High School Senior Caleb joined together with guitarist Sean Martin (High School Classmate) and together they branded the Band “Shades of Grey”. In a few short months the two musicians put together a set of 16 songs and performed around the Tacoma/Puyallup Area during their senior year, however, the band was forced to split up as they ventured to different universities.  The Puyallup HS class of 2006 will always remember “Shades of Grey” for their infamous Graduation Song!Mouth-Music

Cbarsh began recording his own material in February 2012.  After recording a few songs (“Love Drug”, “Cry Sometime” and “I’m on it”) he decided to begin working on a project that had been set on his mind since he was young, this is coming to be known as the Mouth Music Series. Most recently he released his first edition into the Mouth Music series, Titled “No Pen No Pad”.

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The Mouth Music Series Vol.1 No Pen No Pad. No use any instruments, synthesizers or anything that would change my voice from its original sound have been used in this project.  ”No Pen No Pad” Is as it is! Every song is all freestyle, top of the head, everyday living music.        

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