Cars 3 is eye candy and fast fun!

Lightning McQueen is back! but not really yet until the end of my review for Cars 3. Lightning is seemingly on top of his game as we find him racing his heart out. He wins the races without ease until the new upgraded car is bigger, better, faster, yeah! The new speed monster Jackson Storm is cocky about how old lightning is and how great he is as a rookie. The races become almost impossible for lightning to win as he starts to feel old and from a past that no longer exists.

In the style of Cars 2, Lightning goes away from the track and in hiding. We get some fun montages and training from Cars 3. The movie takes it time telling about past cars, rookies and races.  The movie cuts down on the use of Mater, and focuses more on Lightning. A portion of the second act shines light on his struggle to find a way to win what might be his final race.

0 snores out of 0 snores. Lightning has a great last race or so we're told.