Dr.Haze is the Frontman and is the force behind the scenes of Seattle's Power House indie label, Haze Houze Music, Founded by Dr.Haze (Arron Rudeen) in 2012. It's Current repertoire of artists include Dr.Haze, Pete Tha Nut, 12-Gauge Pump, and Lil Pimp as well as the Rap Group 206-Mafia headed by Dr.Haze

Despite any major commercial success following the releases by Dr.Haze and Haze Houze Music, The Seattle Legion of Artist's and Producer's Continues upward the path of success in unconventional manners through such means as local mixtapes that include Raffle tickets to the Eat Tacos with Haze & Nut (Pete Tha Nut)" and "Mystery CD's" to engage with fans and audience members in a new and fresh approach and leaves the listener into feeling the home like atmosphere that only Dr.Haze and his Haze Houze Artists can.

In Late August of 2014 Dr.Haze has Announced that more of Seattle's upcoming indie Artists will be added to the Haze Houze Music roster of Recording Artists, and under the guiding hand of Haze will have ready for the year of 2015 new album releases with Three of them being focused towards on mainstream commercial success.

In Early September 2015 Recording for Haze Houze Music Recording Artist Pete Tha Nut was wrapped up for his Sophomore Release under HHM entitled Y.O.U.N.G - Pete Tha Nut and features singles such as 6-Peice Featuring Lil Pimp & Florescent Orange Velvet Featuring Lil Pimp are the first released in support of both the new Album and the new acquired HHM artist Lil Pimp and foreshadows the New Sound and production techniques From Dr.Haze. Such as his Signature Sound of "Bounced Beats" were it seems like the 808's and drum hits have movement in the mix and sway as if their they were being bounced up,down,left and right between your headphones.

Dr.Haze is currently at work on the Haze Houze Music Projects for 2015 - Titles include: Coffee'N'Kush by Haze & Nut (Dr.Haze and Pete Tha Nut)
- Dr.Haze of 206 Mafia Presents: Green State Music (Compilation)
- Dr.Haze - (Self Titled DEBUT)
- Pete Tha Nut - Y.O.U.N.G.
- 206 Mafia - Rise 2 Power
- 12-Gauge Pump (Solo Album)
- Lil Pimp (Solo Album)

For Interviews/Press and Contact with Dr.Haze and/or Haze Houze Music Recording Artists Call The Haze Houze Music Office @ 1-888-316-4432 EXT.3 or Visit hazehouzemusic.com