Dundeal Entertainment Next Release: J Shep – “These Hands”

Can you FEEL it? The summer is right at our fingertips. With weather permitting us to push our promotion harder, our first pre-summer release falls on the shoulders of J-Shep. After a long, grueling winter in the lab with minimal opportunity to reach out and touch his supporters, J-Shep emerges armed with his latest single: “These Hands”. Another carefully crafted tune we've been holding on to is soon to be yours.

Debuting May 12, “These Hands” is just the first raindrop in the coming storm of music supplied by Dundeal artists over the next few months. Prepare yourselves for the flood.

Every artist release under the Dundeal Entertainment imprint is a unified step toward something great. Walk with us.

Download These Hands: iTunes / Google Play / Amazon