Dundeal Entertainment's Mission

The future is here. Independent artists in the Northwest have always been in need of promotional assistance and guidance. Dundeal Entertainment has risen from the depths to fill that void. Established in 2008 by visionary CEO Macc Dundee, Dundeal combines ingenuity, diligence and an unfailing work ethic to form the foundation of a progressive empire. Boasting a vast network that expands throughout the entire West coast and spilling over into the Midwest and further, Dundeal allows for maximum exposure both in person and over the internet.

The age of digital promotion is here and Dundeal looks to remain a step ahead with a multitude of social networks and promotional media websites. Along with your most common sites,  ours intertwine to form a massive web of sharing platforms. Try theucenetwork.com or for the future of Hip Hop and R&B. Click thenorthwestmecca.com theuniversalappeal.com, or dundealent.com to find the cutting edge in independent promotional techniques. The list goes on and so does the effort.

Dundeal Entertainment’s goal is to stand at the forefront of  NW musician promotion and career advancement and a major player in the development and success of the most prominent artists emerging in the next decade and beyond!