In Hiding A Bigfoot Story is a new Halloween Classic

How do we begin this review? Hmmm, ok got it. This movie has a lot to admire about it. Let's start with the story. So Charlie (Charlie Cogburn) calls Ian or iCizzle (Not sure what one) and invites him down from Seattle, Washington to Ocala National Forrest, Florida to film a documentary on Bigfoot. They pick up Charlie's friend Mark (Mark Vermont) along the way. The three venture into Bigfoot land.

We really didn't know what to expect from this movie. It's been getting buzz around the internet. I always worry when a movie is buzz worthy. Not with In Hiding A Bigfoot Story. This movie is part Blair witch and part Legend of Boggy Creek. It knows what it is and what it is is a good fun time of a movie!

Some of the standout performances are from Mark Vermont. He had us laughing so hard throughout the film. The banter between Charlie and Mark is really comedy gold. The film wisely opens with Charlie calling Author Lori Simmons about her experience with the big guy. She reassures Charlie that he is a kind gentle giant in Washington. Not so sure about Florida's Bigfoot.

I will say that the last 15 minutes are really funny and I'm not sure if they're suppose to be. But we all laughed in a group 20 screening it before the public can.

We've seen a lot of Bigfoot movies with terrible acting, script, etc... But not In Hiding A Bigfoot Story.  Instead the filmmakers whoever they are because this is a found footage movie. I'm recommending it to audiences 13 and up as it does have some coarse language throughout.

5 Bigfoots out of 5 Bigfoots! A really fun Sunday watch.

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