090113E-71The INSOMNIAKZ are a unique group of talented men located in Atlanta, Georgia. The two members, DeVante "DM" Taylor (who brings out the drive and business side of the group) and Joe Blunt (who brings out the live and party side of the group) have set the tone of hip hop music. They complement each other with their lyrical talents and have made a commitment in making a distinctive sound that can be embraced by everyone.

Also known as the "The iTeam", this group is on a constant mission with delivering their fans high quality music. While performing their party singles, "I'm On Fire", "Peach Ciroc and Sprite", and “Pull Up, Hop Out”, they have introduced their music to a crowd of many. They have performed in showcases at local clubs, such as Backstage Lounge, Asylum and Café Fuzion to name a few, and have "turn-up" several private parties.

In 2012, they landed a spot to perform in the Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Tour and were featured artists on “We Are the Plug 2.0” Mixtape, hosted by DJ Fly Guy. During this year, they also released two mixtapes, “iCANDOITBETTER Vol 1 and Vol 2", in which they show off their lyrical talent and creativity.

On June 25, 2013, The Insomniakz released their newest mixtape project, "NO SLEEP", which hit #1 on the indie charts of, within less than 24 hours. This project helped them connect with the emotions of all their fans, while giving them the opportunity to network with some of the best underground music artists and well-known DJs in Georgia.

They set the stage at the 2013 Welcome 2 Atlanta: BET Hip Hop Pre-Show Concert Series, where they introduced their most current singles, “That Shit Old” and “Like the Present”.

The INSOMNIAKZ, always ahead of the game, is an exceptional hip hop group that will forever dedicate their time and effort to bring their fans real music. The two personalities come together and create the perfect sound, which only proves they are destined to be one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time!