The Rundown

If you've been keeping up with Dundeal Entertainment's ventures, you know that we've been in the early stages of piecing together a full-length feature film. Now that the entire script is ready and the weather permits action, we're looking to begin filling the roles of individual characters in order to build a strong cast. This is an A1 opportunity for anyone looking to build their professional resume and test their abilities as an on-camera performer. Below is the film synopsis as well as a list of main characters and their attributes. Read through and select the position(s) you believe you best fit and contact Dundeal Ent. with your personal picks. If you do not fit the criteria for a main character, there are several opportunities to be an extra or perhaps written in as another character.

Set in a present day urban environment, “Jack Boyz” is the gritty tale of an ambitious crew of stick-up men with a flawless record. Led by the wise and meticulous minded Salim, the gang follows a strict week-long regimen of cleansing and synergy before each heist. By adhering to Salim's personally crafted approach to crime, the unit develops a signature level of execution and harmony unparalleled in street crime. But when one member of the team breaks discipline and violates a key principle, he jeopardizes his team's reputation and unwittingly aids in the kidnapping of a vital lifeline; his own lover. With the Jack Boyz' integrity now in question and an innocent life in his hands, Salim must decide whether to bow out and preserve his own livelihood or prove that his exercises of discipline and harmony were not in vain.

Through discipline, harmony, and execution... success is the only option.”

Character list:

Salim: (Main) - Strong-minded, calm leader. Decision maker. Thinker.

Deetz: (co-main) - Lieutenant. Smart up-and-coming mindset. Strong heart. Reliable.

Magic: (co-main) - Arrogant. Cocky. Boastful and loud-mouthed. Loves to get the spotlight. Like Richard Sherman

Vegas: (co-main) - Quiet but smart. All business. Only speaks when necessary for the most part. Cold vibe. Like Marshawn Lynch

Rex Torino (support) – Antagonist. Hard boss. Evil. Ruthless. Strong attitude. Bad guy.

Big Neck (support) – OG local boss. Calculated and experienced. Well-spoken.

Villain AKA “Vill” (support) – Weapons connection. Utility man.

Alissa (support) – Leading female. Passionate and learning. Follows instructions.

Wesley (support) – Wise elder. Salim's father's friend. Old school knowledge and tempo.

Other roles include store clerk, various henchmen, as well as female support and extras. Selection is based on personal preference/ability.

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