JusJay AKA BabyJ

JusJay aka Baby-J is a female hip-hop/Pop artist native of Seattle W.A. Graduate of the Art Institute Of Seattle. She is an engineer, producer, songwriter, rapper, and singer. She has been doing music since she was seven years old. Staring in talent shows in local day camps and summer school events. JusJay is a freestyle battlist as well as a rapper. JusJay is a mix of hip-hop, pop, and hardcore rap. JusJay has also been writing poetry since she was 9 years old. The first time JusJay wrote her first song she was 10 years old. Before JusJay started putting together mixtapes and albums she was freestyle battling in the city of Seattle, WA. When JusJay was freestyle battling in the city of Seattle she was known as Baby-J. She chose to change her name because of a growing point in her music career. When JusJay was just 19 years old she contracted a neurological and nerve damaging illness called "Guillian Berre syndrome", the same illness Jim Hudson from the "Muffet Babies" died from. When having that illness, JusJay lost all motor movement in her body as well as her diaphragm. Doctors thought JusJay might not have made it through the tragic rare illness, but in just 2 months she recovered with a plasma far-ices transplant. Since then, JusJay has regained her motor skills and is back in effect with the release of her first EP INTRO-DUCTION!