What is a parent to do when they know that the violence outside their door is unavoidable? You can't protect your children from every battle, but you can steer them in the right direction. In the case of George MacArthur, his father had the foresight to have him listen to jazz records. An appreciation for jazz began to counterbalance the aggression and drama of a rough childhood. With a yearning for words to go with the swanky jazz tunes, a young MacArthur began filling in his own lyrics over the instrumental. And so, KG3 was born.

With verbal and physical abuse being so common in his home, KG3 and his mother often sought safety by moving from state to state. When you never really have a stable place to call home, it makes you question what you can rely on. This is how KG3 came to rely on himself. The troublesome youth he survived translates into his powerful lyrics. Having planted his feet, he is now becoming a recognizable figure in the NorthWest hip hop scene and has made some crucial ties with other budding artists. Together, they are continually elevating each man's efforts and abilities.

KG3 stands for King George III. It is in recognition of his loyalty to family and those who truly support the energy he put forth. Keeping his faith in God for guidance, KG3 uses his music as a vehicle to get his life story and lyrical ability directly to fans. Some people write stories. Some people paint pictures. Through his lyrics, KG3 brings you his personal experience. One that is not sugar-coated.

The past will be his content until he can develop a stronger future. KG3 looks to reach great heights as he strives to first, make the Summer Jam 2016 stage. After that, he looks to truly establish himself as a memorable lyricist and artist who reaches beyond the Pacific NorthWest and local regions. But these are just baby steps as he hopes to build his own empire and begin to pull other artists up the ladder on his own label and provide opportunities for those who don't see a way out.

In the meantime, KG3 believes that he has music that needs to be shared with the world. Be ready.


Email: kinggeorge.974@gmail



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