king rawllie

king rawllie was born in September 5th 1987, in tacoma washington. coming from a crazy upbringing. rawllie had to be the man of the house at a young age. while fighting the emotions of not having a father figure rawllie got his guidance from his moms and the streets. music and bball became an outlet from the hardships of living in poverty. always told himself one day ima be above all this struggle., i'll never be on section 8 and be dependent on the government i will make my own wealth. rawllie tried hard in school and was a top prospect in basketball and sports. rawllie says, he could of been a top recruit and was feared by many teams and defenses when he had the ball, i went hard. do to his moms on going illness school was often missed to take care of her. his mom has alwasy been first and still is thats why i do this music to get her in better care instead of this fucked up government shit. she is the reason why i go hard and why i spin all my time writing or in the studio. i write at work, car, holding my son poeple dont understand i ant here to lose im here to win and whoever i gotta roll over to put my shit on ima do ima come for that thrown and that's it. i got a family to feed and a mother to heal and thats where im at.