Leezy Soprano

Tac Town Bizzness

Leezy_Soprano_Knoe-front-largeIt’s a movement when it comes to Y Lyfe and in an unselfish fashion Leezy pays tribute to another movement in K.N.O.E. Known as a clothing line it’s really more than that with its own message and back story that is continually gaining support. Easily shown Leezy titles his latest effort K.N.O.E. meaning “Knot Now Or Ever?”. It’s a saying that brought the founder of K.N.O.E. Clothing to a crossroads of life and death. Ultimately a decision in choosing to fight and not let Cancer be the winning factor when it came to his life progressing. A Camaraderie that is often talked about but not really seen in the Northwest but with Y Lyfe affiliations it seems like a family thing. Musically Leezy already has the fans believing and K.N.O.E. the album is progressive with its share of bangers. At a point literally where his hunger is teetering capacity with other things needing to start falling into place for future success. Grind, hustle, consistency, are staples of growth in which Leezy has done better each go around. Features come from local stars like Lil Ripp and Lace Cadence along with west coast legends Kurupt plus Kokane appearing on a track a piece.