Mac Money Northwest

Mac Money has worked diligently and waited patiently for his chance to shine on his own solo project. Over the years, he has opened shows for big name acts like E-40 & the Click, Too Short, Ruff Endz, Mac Dre, the Luniz, and N2Deep. He has also done his share of guest verses on various projects including Illtip Magazine's "City of Dope 2000," Mr. D.O.G.'s "Ghetto Politics," Lou Nutt's "Da Morgue," 2 Real Record's "Guilty til Proven Innocent," and's "NW Ridin."

His West Coast-Reality based lyrics touch on serious matters from the view point of a struggling young Black man, with vivid descriptions in each bar to entrap you into every track. His delivery has made his debut album, Tales of a G, one of the Northwest's most anticipated indie albums, dropped June 15, 2002 (The Ep, "Just Dippin" is available now). On it, he shows he can hold his own while collaborating with names like Mr. D.O.G., Yukmouth, and Maniac Lok.

For example, in the song, "Just Dippin," Mac details an evening of just pure energy, roaming throughout the town, meeting and greeting others in search of fun. He has been compared to W.C. with his street style delivery and it is obvious why when you listen to this bouncy tune.

In "What's Your Reality" he asks you, the listener to depict what it is that you believe and then gives you bits and pieces of his reality at the same time. On this classic, his lyrical deliverance reaches you on a spiritual level like some of the music from the late great, Tupac Shakur.

Mac Money believes that rap should be kept on a reality level and that rappers shouldn't be influencing others to follow footsteps that they themselves have not even taken. Mac was quoted as making this statement. "I think rappers should stop pretending to do 50 murders in a song and still don't have a criminal record. Rap already gets the blame for a lot of violence and negativity, and those who have not lived what they preach defeats the purpose of expressing the poverty in which you live in, in order to overcome it." He continued, "When I speak on violence in my rhymes, it's just me painting a picture of what I experienced and showing how fabulous it's not, hoping to discourage others from following suite."

Professional Song Writer, specializing in artist development, promotions, show casing with A&R. Started my own label in 2004 CEO of "Mac Wagon Records". Performed locally with the hottest underground Artist in the Northwest such as Cool Nutz, Kenny Mack, Maniac Lok, Gangsta Nutt, Mr Dog, Shaolin and more. Other artist I have performed with from the bay area RBL Posse, Dru Down, YukMouth, Sean T, Rass Kass, T-Nutty, Luni Coleone,

Mac Dre, Mac & Ak. Also featured on several Funk Daddy Mix CD's.

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