Mark Vermont fires back with Facebook live interview

The eyes are similar
Could it be true? Does Bigfoot have son named Mark?

Denying rumors and claims that he is Bigfoot’s son we catchup with Mark in the state of Floria. It’s fall day and movie star Mark Vermont sits on a couch and begins to answer questions and claims.  As Mark sits with a reporter about to go live on Facebook, a not so happy Mark tells the reporter "It’s just not true.” The reports have been coming in and the DNA results are far from here.     

Interview time!
Facebook live goes crazy with comments

As the interview got going we find out that Mark loves his wife, family and parents above anything else. I’ve been married for years now and to throw that away on fame is dumb. I love my wife above everything else. She’s my rock.” Always a committed man Mark confessed that he’d been cheated on before. “It was no fun and nothing I would want to put someone I loved through.” All this fame hit so suddenly as the movie started getting early reviews. We called and talked to iCizzle who flew down to shoot the movie with his friend Friend Charlie. iCizzle had this to say about Mark “He’s a class act. The way the fans treat him is amazing. But what’s really amazing is the way he treats his fans.” That is true because the other day it was reported on that Mark was signing autographs for young fans of the film.   

Will the DNA tests prove right?
You are not the father Bigfoot?

He’s willing to do the DNA test and that’s a fact. We contacted the lab that claims to have Bigfoot’s DNA. The lab CEO Bill told us “It would be our pleasure to do the DNA test on Mark and confirm claims." If Mark does do the test it could result in back pay of child support by Bigfoot. Although, Mark didn’t seem to press the issue with any of this Bigfoot news. “I’m fine with doing a test, I guess maybe a little scared about the results.” Mark continued “My Mom and Dad would never cheat on each other. That just makes me mad!” The story broke a few days ago and when Mark heard about it he wasn’t happy. “It’s ridiculous this idea that I’m Bigfoot’s son.”    

The movie has been creating some interesting rumors around it. Some say that the movie is fake and none of it makes any sense. Drew a worker at the local dollar in the town it was film told us this “I just wish, you know, they would of done more acting scenes and not so much found footage.” Drew continued “They all seem like they’d be good actors. But who know right?” other skeptics of the film say “The way they talk throughout the film is not how regular everyday guys talk.” Lou has watched the movie seven times now and still isn’t convinced.   

The fans love Mark and he loves them!
The fans love Mark!

A happy Mark Vermont told the watchers everyone is happy with film and that makes him happy. Mark told the interviewer “The movie just sort of took off! Fans have been so happy to see me and they enjoy the laughter of the film.” When asked if he’d do a sequel to the Bigfoot movie his reply was “If the fans want it, I’ll do it.”  

Fans just might get a sequel
The fans are demanding a sequel!

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