Masterminds might just be a snore comedy classic

This is one silly movie based on real life events or story or something like that. Yes! the bearded allen from the Hangover movies is back in bearded form. This time with a 1997 style haircut and minus a monkey (does Owen Wilson count?).

The movie follows Zach Gal-id-fa-nack-cus or something like that, through a armored car robbery. It says based on a true story in the opening. However I did see the interview that Zach did in Jimmy Kimmel with the real life robber. He was so disrespectful to the man. Hmmm, this movie is entertaining to a point. It's slow at times but oddly interesting at the same time. I like all the actors... Zack, Owen Wilson, Jason SudeikisKristen WiigLeslie JonesKate McKinnon, and many more... Wait a minute! Is this Ghostbusters the prequel?

If you ever looked up the real story or remember when it happened.. If you was alive. You'd find that this movie is not really the that story. But hey! Zach's gotta make a paycheck. So yeah he'll put any wig on that head and any baby powder on them balls.  The movie is fine and it does stumble to find a new story to tell at about 35 minutes in. I guess if you have to clean the house and do a few chores around the house this movie is fine for that. Turn it up and listen and clean! I don't not like this movie but without something else keeping me entertained it's kind of boring. No offense the acting fine. Oh yeah don't forget that this movie is directed by the Napoleon Dynamite guy so it's gonna be slow and dumb. GOSH!

2.5 Snores out of 5 snores. GOSH!