Parker Brothaz

Hardwork & Dedication

photo 3The Parker Report which is being released this fall. This is the first release since 2008 "So Fresh Coast". After the release of our first album, my bro Stretch (the other half of the Parker Brothaz) was sentenced to 5 years in a federal prison. During that time I released a solo album "Between Struggles" where I talked about what was going on. We are finally back together and the first single off The Parker Report is Ron Burgundy. The video is a play off of the infamous fight scene from the movie  "The Anchorman"

( House Partyz N Hotel Roomz ). This is a group project similar to Erick B & Rakim, EPMD, Etc... (Producer, rapper combo). We recorded this album in different hotel suites around Stl, basically throwing parties and recording our experience the next day. The first visual that was leaked was the introduction "Distinguished Gentlemen".  You can check for more info also here are links to the newest video