The Breakfast Club offers great acting and lots of snores

As the clock hits 10pm on a Tuesday night and the new movie on HBO is the 1985 so called classic the breakfast club. A sense of wait have I ever watched this? hmmm, I don't remember. Well, let's take a watch because over the years the movie comes up and people talk about it as a great movie.  I'm not sure if great is a great word to describe the breakfast club.

We open with all the students on a Saturday being dropped off for detention. or I should say some are dropped off by their parents and some not so much.  It's a meeting of class and opinions on each other.  I can't say I remember much of what was talked about or do I really care to remember.  The club is guarded with a swift and stern hand by an adult or principle or teacher of sorts. Of course the club makes fun of him and anything to do with authority.  Join the club as they smoke marijuana and run the halls, dance and jump!

The movie has heart to it because it was written by John Hughes and the 1980's teen comedies / dramas was his genre. I think the time it was release in 1985 a lot of the actors were getting really famous and maybe that added a sense of cool to the movie. the movie for what it is is fine. It's ideally a movie that you could film in one afternoon with some good actors and let the editor do the rest.

4.5 snores of 5 snores. I keep looking at my phone checking my email, Facebook, and anything that handed me more entertainment than some teens played by 24 year olds stuck in a school on a Saturday. Now doesn't that sound like fun? Watching a movie about being stuck at school on a Saturday?