Earning It:  Trailblazing To Being On Top In The Business Of Music



More than 10,000 HOURS has been put into his craft to be an artist/executive, a man who swim through muddy waters breathing threw a straw to find his break through. His music is inspiring to those lost in the struggle in the world of being BLACK or classified as have-nots or those LEFT-OUT.  Experience brings expertise and surprising insights and lessons in his essentials of putting beat to rhyme or rhyme to rhythm, Born and raised in-the-trenches, his career guide came from South Central Los Angeles with an open minded perspective of the world of music.  BAZILMUZIK  hopes to be a soon award winning singer/song writer and producer, and possible actor.  With his charitable contribution to life and community activism,  he is also the (Founder and Executive Producer) of The "Indamixx"  Information & Networking Workshops.

BAZILMUZIK faced a number of uphill battles in his career.  He became an entrepreneur in the business of music solely to be an artist/musician sharing life through rhyme and rhythm.  And learned there was a calling for him also in the filed of artist rep and services.  Kinda like how the NBA has players who are also players and player reps for the league.  Now working alongside dozens of other artist and musicians through the underground battlefield.

BAZILMUZIK has chosen a valuable leadership role through a non-profit record label, which is membership only to help the "D.I.Y" Independent artist of the millennium.  MARKET AND DISTRIBUTE THIER PRODUCT, ON AN INDUSTRY STANDARD LEVEL!

BAZILMUZIK combines marketing and distribution with insightful expertise from more than 150 years of business and consultation from men and women who reached the highest rungs of the corporate ladder —most of whom became chief executives of public companies —in industries as diverse as business of music, entertainment, wholesaling, retailing, manufacturing, distribution, event planning, event production, audio engineering, post production,  booking agents, promoters, public relations, music producers, financial advisors, social media platforms, publishing and advertisement.

Earning it (HUSTLE GRIND MASH GET IT)  reveals obstacles have been overcome.  Let US help you DO IT MOVIN. WE know what your faced with as you fight to make your mark, choices you've made, and battles won—and lost.