WONDER WOMAN is Official Sorigin

Boy what a disappointment of a movie. With all the great reviews telling us that this is one of the best Origin superhero stories ever! That I don't believe. The hype is what's telling you this is good. Watch it again in 3 years, you'll see a lot more glaring errors.

Something else that disappointed me in the marketing of this movie, it was the fact they'll telling us this is a first time a woman has directed a superhero movie. Look Women rule the world in population. If this is the best women have to offer than I feel bad for women.

I just wish they would of done a story in today's era. you know something with Superman and Wonder Woman falling in love with each other, and then having Superman's baby only to find out the baby is pure evil...and than wants to take over the world! Oh wait, that's Star Wars. But hey! It's a better premise than a war field in WWI.

It looks good but than again compared to what? I'm all down with time travel movies but please pick a time that today's audience can relate with. I don't think anyone wants to revisit a time with no smart phones, internet, wifi, showers, and a car with music in it.  Gal has some good looks but what if you took Susan Boyle and surrounded her with even more less attractive Susan Boyles? Well, it's the first rule every super model knows... Surround yourself with less attractive humans.

The island was cool I guess. It just feels like a woman would have arrows and a man would have bullets. I thought Women are the more intellectual species? Meaning, you can't talk and shoot arrows out of everything in war or defending your island. You need guns!

Ok so how is it WW is a God that ages but lives forever? Why is it WW is surrounded the whole movie with less attractive women? Why is it that this movie is so boring and action less? Why did I turn my phone off in the theater? Why is it the majority of critics and the Oscars like boring and put you to sleep movies? Why is it that this movie theater turns the AC up in 2 hours and 2 minutes of slow talkie movies? Why do people care what Rotten Tomatoes says about a movie?

5 Snore out of 5 Snores! I want my refund and 2 and a half hours back. Oh wait, I just woke up after a 12 hour sleep.. these are the side effects of watching Wonder Woman.