Marlon needs a few tune ups to mass audience success

As I was watching the episode titled "End Of The Road" with a guest appearance from Boyz II Men it occurred to me... This show needs a few tune ups. Those tune ups will help take it into a mass audience.

Characters: Bring in a few guest star characters and see what works.

Mom: I’d like to meet the Ashley's mom via phone and have mom come and stay at the house. This will be a gold mine for Marlon to riff off of.

  • She is opinionated
  • Not happy with way daughter is living and raising kids
  • Wants to know what happened to Marriage?
  • Spanking kids vs talking to them
  • Maybe Rose Perez?

Rosie Perez Didn't Know She Had an Accent

Neighbor: Like a nerdy Wilson from Home Improvement

  • He wise but goofy
  • the music he listens to
  • the movies he loves
  • He feels oppressed as a white nerd from years of judgement being from England
  • Neighbor give bad advice and Marlon tries to use it
  • Maybe Mikey Day from SNL?

Mikey Day Reveals His Favorite Rejected SNL Pitches

Topics:Explore topics of race struggles from different angles

  • Differences that make us similar
  • Stories of similar racism from different angles and races
  • What really connects us together is love

Well, whatever happens with the show. One things for sure is that we all need to laugh more.

FINAL SNORE: 2.5 Snores out of 5 Snores. Make a few changes to broaden up your audience and build a loyal fanbase. I really enjoy watching this show and hope it can make it to a 3rd season.