R. Kelly’s biological Son might be Stickgang Biz

A top secret file found by a janitor when vacuuming an unnamed genetics lab might prove R. Kelly has a song named Stickgang Biz. “There I was just minding my own business and it was just sitting there. The birth certificate that said who Stickgang Biz’s dad really is.” Janitor Bob told us about the claim. Bob who works on the weekdays and weekends to support his five kids said he was shocked. “I mean what would you do if you found out R. Kelly had a biological son named Stickgang Biz?”

We contacted the lab to confirm if the story was true. They declined comment. We even went to the front door and knocked. But no one would come to the door and answer it.  

“It’s really not a factual based story.” A Facebook fan of Stickgang Biz and his music wasn’t impressed. “What’s next gargoyles really do come to life in the night time?”